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Ruvo Door Machines

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Ruvo 502  Pre-Hung Specialty Door Machine

The RUVO 502 is the versatile workhorse at the center of any vertical- workflow door shop. Easily change door sizes and specifications for specialty doors with the RUVO 502.

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Ruvo 505  Pre-Hung Specialty Door Machine

The RUVO 505 adapts the innovative and proven concepts of the extensive RUVO pre-hung door machine line to this one versatile workhorse. The unit features a heavy duty power driven beveller/sizer, with routers to ease the door edges. Accurate target scales permit four hinge and jamb route location changes quickly and precisely.

The backset on hinges and locks are similarly handled. A hinge screw gun and predrill system are included.

There is a provision for accommodating both single and double beveled doors.

The RUVO 505 works with residential, commercial, architectural and labeled fire doors.

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RUVO 930 Hercules.

The RUVO 930 Hercules is an interior/exterior pre-hung door machine. The door, hinge jamb, and strike jamb are all machined simultaneously.

The operator touch screen allows for quick change over to machine doors.

Jambs can be flat or split, 2 1/2" to 10 1/2" and up to 8'0" long.

Stack values and code error reports make the machine user and maintenance friendly.

Linear bearings on the router bar and router give you a consistent, smooth operation, programmable lock and dead bolt positioning, and accommodates to raised molding.

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